You’ve heard the phrase, “a means to an end” right?

What if I told you that my system, and online lead gen in general, should be considered a means to an end? What does that mean to you?

See, the TRUE power in being able to generate your leads at a low cost is the long-term effect on your database.

First off, when you generate and convert a lead online, who do you think they’re going to send their potential referrals to? In most cases that would be the real estate agent right?

Well not in this case. You got to them first, you quarterbacked the transaction, and sent the lead to a real estate agent of your choosing. In that client’s eyes, YOU are the magic maker and deserve the credit and referrals moving forward.

Next, when you’re generating leads that convert at 3-5% over a 90-120 day period of time, what do you think happens to the other leads? The ones with less than perfect credit, or the ones that decided not to sell their house, or the ones that couldn’t find a home in their price range and decided to wait?

Well here’s the thing, that part is up to you.

This is the case with ANY type of lead gen that you do, whether you’re targeting real estate agents or you’re targeting the consumer. The fact is, marketing is SO automated today, there is no excuse why you can’t implement an effective database marketing strategy and then perform an all-out blitz to generate as many leads as you can.

Just imagine 5 years from now if you generated 100 leads a month every month for the next 5 years. That’s 6000 leads, even if 75% of them never answered or unsubscribed that’s 1500 people who you’ve positioned yourself in front of as the industry expert. That doesn’t account for the deals that you closed and the referrals that came about as a result both from agents and from the client.

These guys get emails, phone calls, and text messages throughout the year reminding them who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, their friends, or their family.

In fact, I recommend you take it a step further and get connected with this entire database on any social media channel you can. The more ways that you can connect with them, the better.

The fact is, data is everything in today’s world. The power in this system is the amount of data you can collect in a short amount of time. Is everyone going to be buyers today? No, of course not. But if you can figure out how to turn 10-15% of the leads coming in over buyers over the next couple years, you’re making a better ROI and running a better business than 99.9% of LOs out there.

What do you say?

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