Nobody can blame LOs for being a little “greedy” when it comes to handling their own appointment setting when they begin purchasing internet leads.  

After all, the idea of outsourcing what seems like a pretty simple task when you’re just gaining momentum almost seems foolish. 

The reality? LOs that are trying to manage appointment setting from internet leads themselves are:

  • Missing prime leads.
  • Wasting time on poor leads. (The recipe for burnout!)
  • Getting poor ROI by getting buried in clerical work.

If you are working 75, 100, or more mortgage leads each month and not using mortgage lead ISAs,  you’re missing an incredible way to scale your business. 

Loan officers put in a ton of desk time. Being plugged-in goes with the territory. However, it’s impossible to operate at peak performance in a demanding career like this without making an effort to achieve work-life balance. In the mortgage world, “the grind” doesn’t need to be your default gear once you learn how to automate certain tasks. 

The LOs enjoying never-ending client rosters while still being able to take the weekends off have learned one very important thing. Using an appointment-setting service to scheduling leads offers positive ROI. 

When done properly, outsourced appointment setting doesn’t reduce the personal touch you bring to your leads. It creates more time for dynamic interactions that leave your current clients and agents more satisfied. 

You’re going to have more time to devote to qualified leads instead of wasting time on those who ultimately aren’t in the decision-making phase yet. 

You know–the people who try to get advice and services “for free” using back-and-forth conversation. While they know they won’t ultimately use your services, they do want to try to get your expertise as they make their own plan. 

Or others who are simply not close to being in the position to qualify for a loan. While they may not mean to waste your time, they are mostly just playing a game of “hypothetical buyer” that includes signing up to “learn more” even though they aren’t ready.

There are some misconceptions stopping loan officers from handling appointment setting smartly

While nobody is exactly sure how this misconception came to be set in stone, most newer LOs believe that only LOs should be setting up appointments. This might be wrapped up in the other common misconception that bringing in qualified leads is easy. 

Purchasing a lot of leads is exciting if you’re only counting success as collecting a long list of names. The time and attention it required to capture a few quality leads quickly puts a damper on that joy.

The truth? It does feel good to have a lot of leads when you first start purchasing them. After all, this is a volume game. However, counting on cold leads can be a bit like counting all of your eggs before they hatch. 

Internet generated leads have very low conversion rates when compared to agent leads. In fact, most stats put the conversion rate for online leads at about 1-4 percent. That means you could be devoting a ton of hours each month at work and at home to get one or two clients out shopping. 

One of the causes of leads deciding to use another loan originator is speed to lead. According to Velocify, you are 391% more likely to convert a lead if you respond in five minutes or less. If you get to them in 20 minutes instead, you are 100X less likely to convert them into a pre approved client that is out there shopping for a home.

Working by yourself instead of with a team of ISAs guarantees good leads are slipping through your fingers.

Another common misconception among many mortgage brokers is the belief that building their own inside appointment setting team is easy and more cost effective. 

A small number of LOs assume that all inside sales agent (ISA) services provide poor ROI because they tried one ISA that didn’t provide good ROI. Those LOs haven’t tried appointment-setting services from Empower LO. 

Empower ISA was developed by LOs to help LOs work only with quality leads they can nurture for consistent ROI. We’ve spent time ironing out the wrinkles while working with a few select LOs across the nation. The result? We are able to offer a quality-tested product that addresses the unique needs and challenges mortgage professionals run into when they are working with large numbers of paid leads.

Empower ISA streamlines appointment setting.

We team with you to work your new leads in a single ecosystem to:

  • Nurture your leads! No interaction is wasted or lost when you have a tried-and-trusted team establishing rapport with your best leads. 
  • Gain information that’s going to help you fit the needs of your leads into your phone-calls.
  • Create your custom client profile with you.
  • Only interact with leads that fit your custom profile! The importance of this cannot be overstated for LOs that are simply too crunched for time to get on the phone with someone who isn’t in a position to ever buy a house.
  • Cut down on your clerical and administrative tasks. 
  • Have more time to do the things you like away from the office without feeling guilty! You’re never abandoning opportunities to capture clients when you have an appointment-setting service working for you. You’ll pull in more clients with less work.
  • Scale your business! If you’re ready to grow, our ISAs will help you to keep building momentum. Even market downturns won’t have as deep an impact. Instead, you’ll be catching the clients that other LOs can’t get to because they simply don’t have the tools in place.

At Empower LO, we’ve worked long and hard to create the ultimate appointment-setting service that will allow you to focus on profitability instead of needlessly sacrificing your time. You’re an LO. You’re not a receptionist, administrative assistant or marketing guru! Unfortunately, too many LOs are dropping the ball by trying to juggle it all. 

The Empower ISA Platform Is Here: Discover Appointment-Setting Services From Empower LO

Empower LO’s ISA platform receives inbound “cold” leads on your behalf when you’re in the office, away from the office, sleeping, enjoying a vacation or spending time with family. We do the rigorous outbound initial contacts for you before narrowing your lead list down through texts to the most motivated and relevant ones. We then set up “hot” appointments on your calendar with leads to ensure that you always have a steady stream of clients. 

Don’t struggle with appointment-setting tasks for one more day. Empower LO will take you to the top without the need to invest in more staff to grow your business this year. Schedule your free demo of Empower ISA today and see how far your mortgage business can go in just one year.

We’ll see you at the top,

The Empower Team

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