Should you invest in a mortgage website for your mortgage business?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

The answer is…

It depends.

Now, look, I know that sounds like a fake out, but, hear me out.

Like any good doctor, before he prescribes you your medication, what does he do?

If he’s not trying to hustle the system and if he actually cares about you, he follows up with a few questions.

Ok, I might not be a doctor, but I understand the importance of diagnosing like one.

As your t.v. doctor, the first question I’d ask you is…

What’s the purpose of this site?

Are you trying to put out informative content?

Are you trying to generate leads?

Or are you trying to direct prospects to fill out loan applications (1003’s)?

Knowing your end goal and the answers to these questions will help you figure out if you should actually develop a website or if you’d be better off working with another power partner that might be able to provide you with a better alternative solution.

Your intent will also help you figure out your budget constraints and how long it should take you to get your site up and running because if you’re trying to brand yourself, that entire site layout, design elements, and customer facing messaging is going to be entirely different than a simpler lead gen site with the sole purpose of getting your phone to ring.

Next, my second question would be…

What feeds those goals?

The reason it’s important to understand this upfront is because if you think about it later, your efforts will lead to results that are unpredictable and erratic at best and incoherent and disjointed at worst.

Define your goals and objectives and the way to get there becomes a lot easier.

Using the three objectives from before: Branding, Content or Lead Generation, let’s go over how to move solidly towards each goal, individually.

With branding, the whole point, at least as I see it, is to raise your profile, elevate your status and be seen as the go to expert or authority in your marketplace, right?

Typically, when you’re entire strategy revolves around branding, you ARE the brand, right?

That means all the efforts are being made to make the public perceive you as the top of mountain expert compared to anyone and everyone else in your space.

In this instance, you’re literally trying to become a niche celebrity so to speak.

If you’re more content focused, the idea of content marketing is similar to branding in that you’re still putting out great content, but, usually the content is being put out there to make your site a more useful resource to those in your target market.

Also, assuming you’re paired up with a few decent types of content creators who know how to take your insights and translate it into creative work on your behalf, the truth is you don’t even need to put that content out there yourself. You can hire folks to do it all for you.

That means you free up your time to work on other aspects related to growing your business while also utilizing time and the efforts of outsourced help to grow the value of your site as a sought out resource.

If it’s a lead generation site, and lord knows I understand how badly you and everyone else I work with needs leads (that’s my superpower, by the way. More on that later…if you like), the problem is misconception.

Most people think just because they’re site seems designed to generate leads, if you build it they will come, right? WRONG!

If it were that easy, why wouldn’t everyone just create a lead generation site?

The truth is if you’ve going to develop a lead gen website (or a funnel as it’s more commonly known), you’ve got to have a traffic strategy game plan.

Where are all the folks that are going to see your landing page coming from?

How were they targeted?

How much did you warm them up and make them more ready to do business with you before they talk with you?

Is it a booked appointment you’re going for? An application?

You’ve got to figure all this stuff out if you want to make your lead generation site actually work for you.

What if your goal is to start collecting 1003’s?

Well, I’d hate to say it, but if this is your problem, if this solution isn’t already in some way shape or form already somehow taken care of for you then I’d ask you to think long and hard about, maybe, aligning yourself with a different company because…wtf?

With all that being said, there is a cure all, go to, one stop perfect use recommendation that I have never seen go wrong for anyone that I’ve recommended it to or seen use it and that is…

Why not have a site that combines all of these elements?

Something that positions you at the top of your market’s mountain. Something that allows you to leverage outsourced content. What about having a website that can do the above AND generates you leads?


Everytime you or your team puts out a piece of content, you’re the one associated with that helpful material?

Everytime a prospect goes to fill out the form to make a call to you, they’re expecting to talk with you, not wondering who they’re gonna get a call back from or wondering how the process works.

No, we want these people more ready to work with you than not, right?

This is the way to do that.

By the way, if you’re looking at a low priced option that gives you the starting point you need to build your mortgage website, check out LoanSites. The owner of the company is a producing LO, and he REALLY understands how to combine all of the needs for a mortgage website into a turnkey, and beautiful solution.

They’re way less expensive than some of the crazy bloated prices tags of some other ones I’ve seen. You’re welcome.

To summarize the answer to should you invest in a mortgage website for your mortgage business?

The answer again is maybe, and if you are going to do it anyway, why not make sure the site you invest in does everything you’re considering it should?

With that, thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the top.


P.S. By the way, if you still have a question, don’t feel intimidated to reach out to me about it. I’d love to help you, but, I don’t want to presume and I really can’t be helpful unless you reach out.

So, shoot me an email or click here to book a live demo of our system and let’s get your questions answered, and your problems obliterated so you can reach your goals…all of’em.

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