Qualified Online Mortgage Leads

What it's like to work with us.

nuts and bolts

We’re here to make your marketing life easier. So we’ve streamlined our process so it’s easy to understand and requires minimal work on your end. Follow along for a quick overview of what the process is like for our clients who go all the way with us.

Step 1: The live demo to show you why.

You should never do anything without knowing why. That’s why our first step is to explain why we use Google instead of Facebook to generate our leads. This happens in a detailed demo where we actually show you why search networks work harder for you and why you should switch.

Step 2: The set-up starts.

Once you’ve decided to give things a try our way, we take about a week to 10 days to get everything set up for you. This includes setting up all the accounts you’ll need to nurture and follow up on leads throughout your campaigns, the landing page where you’ll direct those leads, and the cold hard numbers accounts so you can see how you’re doing and, more importantly, how you can optimize and improve.

Step 3: The campaign kicks off.

Now that you’re ready to actually start your search network funnels, the real fun begins. During the first one to two months, it’s all about honing and optimizing your targeting and messaging. We’ll meet every two to three weeks during this time to make sure everything is going to according to plan and to answer any questions you have when you’re just starting out.


Step 4: The clients start rolling in.

When you’re three months into your campaign and beyond, you’ll have the hang of things. We will continue to meet once a month to keep everything on track. This is when you can expect to start seeing a significant return on your investment. We predict returns of at least 4 to 5x  your investment.

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