Are you thinking of starting your own mortgage company or brokerage? Or are you trying to build a name for yourself to drive more business your way? Nothing is more important than having the trust of your prospects.  We have 2 suggestions (shortcuts if you will (and they’re relatively inexpensive)) that will instantly get potential clients to trust you, without you actually having to earn it (that is, until your cover is blown).

 #1.  Find a Celebrity Willing to Praise Your Mortgage Company (Or You Personally) 

Even if a celebrity has no idea who you are, you can collect their “testimonial”/shout out and post it on your website. Make sure to put the link to the video or the quote and a picture of the celebrity where no one can miss it.

Companies like Cameo have a large variety of celebrities available to make a video you can use.  Often these videos can be ready for you to upload in anywhere from a couple hours to a week.  And the price?  How about Santa Claus for $10, Chumlee for $85, Chuck Norris for $450, or Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary for $1200. After booking the Celebrity in your price range, you submit the information you want on your video in 250 characters or less. Bam–nearly instant social status.  Think of how quickly you will recoup this small investment. 

 #2. Affiliate Your Mortgage Business With Well Known Media Outlets and Financial Institutions.  

It’s easier than you might think.  No matter how long you have been in business, you can find lots of advertising businesses that promise to connect you and your company to news organizations like CNN, FOX, NBC and financial or business organizations including but not limited to Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Reuters. 

According to Linking News, the self-proclaimed best white label press release distribution service in the business, you are three easy steps away from all the PR you could be looking for.  First you choose the package.  They range in price from $159 for the basic to $1580 for the Gold plan. Then you need to write your own press release.  Remember to keep it short and to the point.  Last you just need to sit back and watch as that “news” spreads like wildfire across the number of organizations you paid for.  Pow–you can now claim your business was featured on these companies and show off your relationship by posting banners on your website like this:

Money well spent, right? 

In the long game, these shortcuts will probably come back and bite you in the butt.  

Eventually someone will  figure out these additions to your homepage are iffy at best and fraudulent at worst.  

The mayor of Mission Viejo, CA while running for Congress last year, found this out the hard way.  He paid Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren to make a video supporting him and his campaign.  

According to reporter Brooke Staggs, in her news article, Politicians are Using Cameo to Pay Celebrities to Make Video Endorsements, and It’s All Legal, “While a majority of people had positive reactions, Raths said perhaps 20% of his supporters criticized the videos, telling him it looks like he has to ‘pay someone to say nice things’ about him. After talking with the Register, he added a note to [his] Facebook posts introducing the videos that said: ‘ was paid a small fee to produce this video.’ Thursday, the videos came down [and] Raths said he doesn’t plan to use the service again.”  

He did not become the next senator from California.

You may be thinking, “But that’s politics. The mortgage business is completely different.”  

Well there is another problem that companies who take advantage of these time saving ways face. There have been warning articles about this for at least 6 years.  

In March of 2015 Chris McElroy wrote an article called As Seen on Fox CNN ABC CBS Forbes – Really? In it, he points out that while companies like Linking News make sure to keep their product legal, he really questions how ethical it is to pay to have a press release that you or your company created sent out.  

McElroy writes, “They do this to add credibility where there is none. They do it to get customers to trust them without any notion that as customers find out about it, they will lose that trust anyway. As I said, it’s my opinion that this is dishonest advertising at best…” He argues that “If you used a backdoor to get your name on these websites by buying one of these services and then are trying to make people believe that you got in there through the front door, then it is not ethical. It is misleading.” 

Even Kevin O’Leary calls what he does for Cameo his “lucrative side hustle.”

BUT it’s a lot of work to build your brand the ethical way.  

Yes it is, but we at Empower LO believe that integrity is much more important than taking short cuts.  

Hopefully you picked up on the satirical and humorous voice that was intended with this blog.  DO NOT use the shortcuts mentioned above.  Empower LO has been going strong for over 3 years, we have a track record of successes, and we plan on being around for many years to come.  To do that we have built our reputation day by day, client by client.  If you are interested in the steps we have taken to build our brand, check this out.

Getting nowhere fast with your mortgage marketing? See how our lead generation system and the coaching that comes with it can help you transform your mortgage business.  Just click this link to book your live demo and start growing your pipeline today.

As always, thanks for reading this and we’ll see you at the top!

Empower LO

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