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At Empower Funnels, we’re here to change the way the mortgage game is played. Discover our mortgage marketing system. 

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Our Story

At Empower Funnels, we’re here to change the way the mortgage game is played.

Michael McAllister, the founder of Empower Funnels, started as a mortgage loan officer, so he knew the struggles to generating good leads firsthand. He realized that turning over all his profits to the big banks or relying on real estate agents to bring him in on sales just wasn’t working. He wanted a way to find great leads on his own.

After diving in a bit deeper into what was out there, he decided to throw all the rule books out the window (literally) and do it his own way. He developed a revolutionary way to generate better, more cost-effective leads on his own and saw his profits skyrocket.

While most mortgage officers were busy wasting time with Facebook ads, Michael looked to search engines - the place where people are actually going to search for mortgage information. Using the pay-per-click model, he developed a method for cost-effectively finding leads and then used his knowledge of the industry to develop a funnel method that turns them into clients.

The process was so effective that he was shocked no one else was doing it. So he created Empower Funnels to help empower small business owners and independent sales professionals with the most effective, up-to-date, and accessible marketing strategies that the big guys have monopolized for way too long.

It wasn't long before the overwhelming success of Empower Funnels prompted Michael to seek additional help to insure that Empower could continue to grow while maintaining our high standards of client results and satisfaction. Michael didn't have to look far as his father Josh McAllister was looking to make a change as well. 

Josh has always worked in tech and had already been providing some guidance for Empower and was excited to join Michael in achieving the vision of empowering small businesses and independent sales professionals to compete against the 'big guys.'

More About Michael

Michael McAllister is a loan officer in Meridian, Idaho who started off his career like most do - working for a big bank. He left that world behind in 2017 with big dreams but not a lot of contacts, having just moved from San Diego a year ago.

After three months of toiling with 0 loans funded, he changed his strategy and switched over to the paid search traffic that became the model for Empower Funnels.

In just 12 months, he made over $100k without kissing up to real estate agents or turning over large sums to the bank like he used to.

These days, Michael devotes a lot of his time and energy into Empower Funnels. He also continues to produce loans on his own and runs a local digital marketing agency.

More About Josh

Josh McAllister is a Tech industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Most recently Josh worked as Executive Vice President of Technology for SITO Mobile, a company which offers enterprise grade text and voice messaging solutions as well as mobile location based advertising. 

These days Josh focuses on directing Empower's technical initiatives as well as daily operations.

Josh's years of technical, managerial, and operations experience compliment Michael's sales and marketing vision well and enable Empower Funnels to bring best of breed products and services to Empower's clients.

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