When do you want to talk to a salesman?

I’d imagine it’s when you’re ready to buy, right?

Before you’re ever at that stage, the salesman is the LAST human you want anything, at all, to do with.

When you walk into the store and someone greets you, “Hi welcome to Snooties. How may I help you today?”

What’s your reply?

“Just looking,” right?

Well, the same thing is pretty much true, online.

See, the key is to understand the intent of your visitor.

The BEST and BRIGHTEST companies in the world that understand this know how to set up their funnel systems to “hide the salesman.”

They set up “resource hubs,” which are like these sort of intermediary places designed to be interest and information gathering spots about the general theme of whatever the topic.

They are informative hotspots where people can go get general information and as their interest level increases, as they get closer to buying, they can go ahead and either inquire or, maybe, apply to buy.

Before this stage, they’re not ready for buy buttons and filling out applications.

Understanding this is critical if you want to see success because until the buyer is more ready to buy if you’re a salesman, they see you as someone trying to get them to do something they’re not ready to do, which is why they avoid you.

Until they’re ready to buy, selling to them can be difficult.

So, don’t do that.

Instead, set up your systems that ease them into your sales process, but have something in place that capitalizes on their readiness when they are ready.

Let’s see if I can explain this further another way.

What’s the main reason you do a search online for anything?

To get information, right?

If you’re on a social media site, you’re probably there to see all the fake fun pictures your friends and family are sharing (you know their lives are just as boring), check out cat pictures and, maybe, engage in some pointless political debates.

The thing about engagement online has A LOT to do with intent.

People want to buy, not be sold to, if that makes any sense.

What I mean is if you’re actively SEARCHING for something, your intent is to get what you’re after. Here, it’s just fine to be direct with the offer because you have buyer intent.

A person plugs into the search engine “apply for a mortgage loan” you know they’re actively shopping for a mortgage loan and they’re probably expecting to see a form asking for their name, social security number, and mom’s maiden name.

They get that they will speak to someone trying to sell them something, but that’s ok because they’re ready by this point.

The problem is only a small fraction of the people online ready at any given moment.

I mean a tiny, tiny fraction.

According to an article on The Motley Fool, a well known financial advice site, something like only 9% of all Facebook users are interested in buying something at this moment.

Narrow that down to home buying, mortgage loans, and couple that with increasing the value of transactions we’re discussing and now we’re talking an infinitesimally small number of interested people.

So, what are things you can do to kind of layer on these “hidden salesman” funnels as I like to refer to them?

You set up hubs like social media pages, blogs, or landing pages related to your core topic, but filled with informative and value-adding content that’s more geared towards helping your clients gestate and consume content, but also helps them become more ready to be buyers.

And, guess what, if you’ve got your systems in place that can accommodate them when they’re ready to buy or ready to talk to a sale person, you’ll find it A LOT less stressful, A LOT easier and the sales conversation a LOT smoother than if you don’t do these things.

Watch the video to see examples of how this plays out in the real world and some things you can do to set up these systems for yourself.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the top!

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