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A seamless guide to turning your prospect into a client.

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Generating Traffic

A search network funnel begins by targeting the prospects who are already trying to find you on a search network like Google.

Imagine your future client types “what size home can I afford” or “how much down payment do I need on a home” into Google. That person will likely engage with a mortgage lender some time soon. Why shouldn’t it be you? Our technology uses pay-per-click advertising to get on their radar from the start instead of trying to interrupt their day while they browse Facebook pictures.

That means you get better, more engaged leads who are already much more likely to convert. It’s highly targeted, which makes it much more cost-effective, and it puts the power to generate money back in your hands.

Perfecting the landing page

Once your prospect clicks on your PPC ad, you have an extremely limited opportunity to hook them in with a killer landing page. While your page should always be specific to your brand, there are certain fundamentals that apply across the board for successful and engaging landing pages.

We have a dedicated team of designers who work to optimize your landing page to get it to its absolute best, including testing variations and improving messaging throughout the duration of the funnel.

Our landing page design is so effective, in fact, that many top companies in the lead generation space are now starting to adjust their own landing pages to look more like ours.

Creating an engaging lead form

If your landing page has done what it’s designed to do, then your future client will now be looking to engage on the next level by giving you their contact information. This is accomplished with what is traditionally referred to “in the biz” as a lead form.

The secret to a good lead form is pretty simple: it doesn’t feel or look like a lead form. Your prospect will be put-off by a lead form that’s too aggressive, takes too much time, or is unclear.

Better lead forms lead to higher conversions, so creating a great lead form is absolutely crucial.

We create gamified, animated lead forms for your landing page so that it feels more like a game than it does a form. For example, we’ve found it’s much easier and less intimidating for clients to answer questions one at a time instead of all at once.

Following up on good leads

Once you’ve got your client’s information, you’re not “done”. Not even close.

In fact, this is when the hard work really begins. Yes, you’ve gotten an email and that’s great. But now you must nurture this lead to ensure you can turn them into a client.

Of course, the hope is that your lead will convert right away into a customer. But if not, we have a plan.

Our strategy nurtures your lead with follow up emails, voicemails, and text messages that speak to your lead’s interest. It’s about building the relationship and making it clear that we’re here to help, not just sell. A good pitch doesn’t feel like a hard sell. That’s the whole point.

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