Exclusive, Google Mortgage Leads

Find The Mortgage Leads With PPC That Are Actually Looking For YOU! 


Facebook advertising is the method most mortgage loan officers use to generate leads. But why be like everyone else? Sure, Facebook’s cost effectiveness makes it an attractive option at first glance. But when you drill down into the numbers, it just doesn’t make sense.

Top real estate sites like Lending Tree and Zillow get less than 2% of their site traffic from social media sites like Facebook. That’s because people who are browsing Facebook looking at their friend’s dog pictures and funny memes don’t want to be bothered with mortgage ads. Those bigger sites know not to waste their time or money there. So why should you?

Google is a much better option because you can literally narrow your search to people in your area who are searching for terms like “how much home can I afford” with a highly-targeted pay-per-click ad at the very top of the Google search page. These leads are much more likely to actually move on a mortgage soon. With Google, it’s much easier to find the people who are looking for you already rather than trying to interrupt people who aren’t.

Interested in learning more? We’re happy to walk you through a detailed demo of Google advertising and how we optimize it here at Empower Funnels.

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