We'll Convert Your Mortgage Leads Into a Schedule Full of Qualified Appointments

Our trained inside sales team works exclusively with mortgage professionals to protect their time from low quality leads.


We make converting mortgage leads simple...



Schedule Your Live Demonstration

We promise this will be a valuable use of your time, even if you don't move forward with the service. Obviously you need to know that we're the real deal, so we'll start by sharing some background info on our team. Then, we're going to walk you through our process for turning cold to luke-warm mortgage leads into qualified appointments that SHOW UP.


Meet w/ Your Mortgage Lead Conversion Specialist

Every mortgage lender has different products/programs/requirements that they need to operate within in order to be successful with their mortgage marketing efforts. Our mortgage lead experts recognize this, so we meet and come up with a game plan on Day 1 to identify the leads that meet your minimum requirements.



Integrate Your Lead Sources and Calendar

We have one of the best technology teams in the industry, dedicated to making your life easier throughout our partnership. Our team will work with you to ensure all of your leads are sent to our team in real time. Two way communication with your calendar helps us book appointments around your busy life as a mortgage loan officer.


Show Up to Your Appointments and take Applications!

Our proven process is designed to take your leads down a straight path to getting to where both you and they want to be- figuring out how much they can get approved for with a purchase lead, or what their savings will be/how much equity they can access if they're a refinance lead. No matter the lead type, not only are we working to set as many appointments as possible, but we're trying to get your rate of conversations that result in applications as high as possible.



Improve Your Lead Conversion and Your Business Strategy w/ Our Lead Conversion Coaching

Empower ISA clients get access to their own Lead Conversion Manager. We've helped LOs scale their personal production from earning less than $100k a year, to well over $500k a year, with more freedom to show for it. How? We start by diligently tracking pipeline movements of the leads we work for you. Then, we'll tap into our network of over 150 loan officers across the country that we've been tracking and coaching since 2018 to provide you with scripts, call recordings, and proven strategies for scaling your consumer direct mortgage business channel!

Close more loans spending less time chasing leads with our top-performing inside sales team!

Why Empower ISA?

We Are Mortgage Lead Experts

Empower ISA powered by Empower LO consists of the same team of experts that built the most powerful mortgage lead generation system on the market. Started by a mortgage loan officer who used consumer direct lead generation to transform his business on a shoestring budget, Empower is your best partner for positioning your mortgage business to succeed in the digital age.


100% Human-Powered

With the rise of AI and chatbots, it's becoming far too easy to over-automate. We are driven first and foremost by what is most likely to result in the highest ROI on your mortgage lead investment. For us, this means automation powered by humans who understand the process of converting a mortgage lead.

Appointments Booked Directly On Your Calendar

Live transfers are a thing of the past. In fact, 80-90% of phone calls go unanswered, and that number goes up even more if your number isn't recognized by the person you're calling. We are 100% text message driven, offering an easy path for your prospects to pick a time that's convenient for them, and for you.


Integrate w/ Your Favorite Lead sources

Empower's team of technology experts has experience integrating most mortgage industry CRMs and lead sources with our internal systems. Whether it's a direct API integration, Zapier, email parse, or ping/post, we can make your technology stack and processes hum like you've always known they could. In other words, we'll make sure we can get your leads in our appointment setters' hands automatically.

Our Seamless Lead Conversion Process

We know that there's nothing more frustrating than a broken process, for you and your potential borrowers. Our team is obsessed with making the hand off from lead source, to appointment setter, to loan officer as smooth as possible. Follow our lead, and by the time your borrowers close on their loan, they won't even remember they interacted with us before talking to you


Close more loans spending less time chasing leads with our top-performing inside sales team!

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