How many applications do you think you’ve taken in the last 30 days from people who don’t credit qualify?

What if there was a way to identify the ones that were serious enough to fix their credit in 6 months, and make sure that you were the LO they used when they were ready?

If you manage your clients that need credit repair, instead of blindly recommending them a credit repair company (or handful of them) to do it themselves, you can explode your business.

You need a credit repair sales funnel.

Now, what I’m talking about here is not a credit repair inbound lead generation campaign, you know, landing pages, opt-in boxes, etc.

I want you to understand, what I’m talking about is the flow or process you take your client’s through when you’re dealing with those that have credit challenges, and you want to help them fix their credit enough to qualify for whatever loan you’re trying to get them approved for.

If you leave this responsibility on them, you’re asking for trouble.


Well, for starters, because the process might seem so bewildering, if they’re confused on how to handle it themselves, chances are they’ll just put it off.

Another reason is, don’t forget, every point you don’t influence or don’t control in your moving the transaction through to completion is another opportunity for you to lose the sale, altogether.

Who is to say they don’t talk to someone else, another vendor, perhaps, someone else that might have their own sales agenda?

This person could derail your sale, and,, end up snagging a deal you could have had for themselves.

Why risk it?

How do you fix this?

A powerhouse credit repair partner.

No, I don’t mean aligning yourself with the BEST credit repair company… That’s way too subjective and isn’t necessarily going to help you help your clients best.

What I’m referring to is a credit repair company that will support YOU in your business. Someone who’s measure of success is not number of points increased but number of customers who end up getting to the closing table on their new home.

Sounds crazy right? But there are companies like this out there. The company we recommend at Empower Funnels is MyCreditGuy.

The reasons we recommend them to our clients is really simple. We want our clients to close more deals. Sam Parker and his team do just that through cobranded customer communications, a portal where your customers can clearly see their progress and communicate with their specialist, but more importantly a portal where the LO can log in and keep tabs on all of the clients they’ve referred over.

Want to boost your income and have pipeline protection 3-6 months down the road at all times?

  1. Start referring all of your clients to one credit repair team. If a client signs up, move on to next step. If not, put them on one of your long term drips and maybe they’ll reach out again some day. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. If they can’t commit to credit repair they aren’t ready to commit to a mortgage.
  2. Have a process for staying in touch PERSONALLY (not just robocalls and auto-texts) with every one of your prospects enrolled in credit repair. As long as they’re in credit repair, they will be a deal for you at some point.
  3. Close the deals, and track your success. If you’re generating internet leads, over 50% of your applications likely don’t credit qualify. Imagine if you retained even half of those and closed them in the next year, what would that do to your production?

Again, we recommend Sam Parker’s team at Check them out when you get a chance, and be sure to book a live demo. I’ve got no financial incentive for recommending them to you or our clients, we just want to see you close more deals.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the top.

Michael McAllister

Michael is a current producing loan officer based out of Boise, ID. He is also the founder of the lead generation company Empower Funnels. After struggling to self-source business after transitioning from a large bank, Michael developed a system for generating low cost leads using Google Ads. He used this system to build his own success story, right before deciding to offer it to loan officers across the country. He’s passionate about helping loan officers with what he calls “funnel-focused selling” through both traditional and non-traditional channels. Check out his blog at

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