You ever heard of Grant Cardone?

What about the 10x Rule?

If you’ve heard of one, you’ve probably heard of the other. And if you’ve heard of neither, you’ve probably seen the term “10x” in your news feed pretty consistently over the last couple of years…

The 10x Rule is a book by Grant Cardone, an over the top energy machine that STRONGLY believes in the power of repetition. Let’s just say if you’ve read one of his books, you might as well say you’ve read all 10 of his books…

He created a brand around this concept of “10x” but because that’s not exactly something you can get copyright protection on, it’s been used in WAY too many marketing efforts ever since.

Grant talks about how he believes there is no such thing as OVER saturation but I’m not sure I agree with that. I think by pushing 10x and allowing others to knock it off, he desensitized people to a concept that quite honestly, changed my life.

Before I left the big bank that I worked for prior to finally breaking out, I read Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule. I had made 50k in the 12 months prior, and my goal for that 12 months? 100k.

I was getting ready to set my next year goal and had it in my head that I needed to aim for six figures again since I didn’t make it the year before.

But the moral of the story for the 10x Rule is that if we’re setting our goals at levels we haven’t achieved previously, that we aren’t going to be able to anticipate the amount of effort that it will take to reach that goal going into it. Grant Cardone says to set your goal at 10 times what your actual goal is, set your activities based on hitting THAT goal, and then 10x THOSE activities and then you’ll hit your goals.

Well 10x didn’t really resonate with me, but the concept did. I was a bank LO who made 50k in the last year, the idea of making 1,000,000 in a year didn’t even click in my head. So instead, I set my targets at 300k and set out to make $300,000 in the next 12 months.

Want to hear something crazy?

I was SO committed to making that 300k that I actually quit my job at Wells Fargo the week that I came to this conclusion, and set out to figure out how to build a scaleable mortgage operation with online marketing, built it out (took way longer and way more work than I thought it would), and made 120k in my next 12 months in the business with 80k of it coming in the 2nd half of that.

Seriously, that book and that concept is what triggered ALL of this.

No, I didn’t make the 300k that I set out to make, but I ended up CRUSHING my goal by 20% and setting myself up to make 300k+ this year. Only this year, I’m aiming for 7 figures 😉

Why do I share that with you?

Well because as much as I understand some people’s general distaste for Grant Cardone and his writing, his stuff makes sense and it changed my life forever. I’m honestly just kind of hoping that if you read his book or tried listening to it and the message didn’t resonate, that this email somehow will.

Have you read his books? Have you used the 10x rule in your life? What are your thoughts?

Let me know,


PS If you do end up getting serious about using the 10x rule on your mortgage business, I’ve got just the solution. There’s no faster way to scale to the level you want to get to, than with my system.

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