Stop using the f#%ing F-Word so much.

I’m talking about the word funnel, which has become today’s overused marketing hot button buzzword.

No, not everything is a funnel.

Today, when people say the word funnel, typically you think of Russell Brunson’s software, “ClickFunnels,” right?

In fact, most people think my company, Empower Funnels, is all about building funnels for folks using Click Funnels.

It’s not.

Yes, we build funnels, however, what we do is far more encompassing than setting up a string of landing pages that animate as your prospects fill’em out. We also don’t just have gamified lead forms that allow a customer to input their info in an entertaining way.

No, I’m not throwing shade at companies like Lead Pops and Type Form. I am however, asking you to stop calling what they do, a “funnel.”

I’ll admit, those animated form things do look cool, but let’s not get it twisted, those are NOT funnels, and neither is slapping a facebook ad in front of it get people to the form in the first place (not a complete one, anyway).

So, what exactly DO I mean when I say funnel?

A funnel is the overall process, the complete path from the point of learning of your offer, learning about you, contemplation on the part of the prospect, all the way to them buying from you.

I’m talking A to Z, beginning to end, not knowing what’s going on to closing out a mortgage with you….that’s the complete funnel I’m talking about, here.

We create full on sales funnels, as a process for clients just like you.

This includes everything from the ad copy you’ll use, what to include on the landing page, what sort of messaging goes into the emails, the intake form, what happens after they opt in, click a link or fill out a form, etc.

It’s the entire path, process that gets them from unaware to giving you money, that entire space in between. That’s what we do…we map out and create your entire funnels with you.

We empower you to have sustainable, self perpetuating lead generation funnels, complete from every vantage point that connotes the term funnel.

You’ve got to actively manage your crm pipeline, and make sure you’re properly “working it.”

Is cold calling a funnel?

No, it’s just a part of the funnel. There’s stuff that happens AFTER you cold call, ESPECIALLY if you didn’t close them (and make no mistake, you’ll most likely not close them on that one cold call).

The funnel process is really a gestation process.

The funnel process is a long hand holding, educational, nurturing process where you’re helping people to discover their situation as a problem, and arrive at your solution as the best choice for them, but in order for it to “stick,” in order for the sale to go down without “buyers remorse” your prospect has to feel like they came to the conclusion to buy on their own, not forced.

This is the exact process we help you create from concept to completion, pre-start to postsale.

With that, thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the top.


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