When you buy stuff yourself, not the bad ass ninja killer loan officer you, but as a shopper about to buy something…

How do you prefer to do it?

Do you like talking to a salesperson?

Do you prefer to go in, look at the thing, find a killer sales guy or girl (clearly not as good as you) and demand he / she sell you or you won’t buy?


Do you prefer to peruse on your own, wander a bit, maybe look around a bit through the catalog, maybe find out more online, then, when you’re ready, or have a question, only then do you seek out someone that represents the company to help you through the next step?

In this day and age of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Youtube, yeah…people want to kind of buy on their own terms, not be sold.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your sales prowess is no longer needed.


What I’m saying is you’re probably a bit too eager to get up close and personal with your prospects so you can sell’em.

I’m sayin’ you’ve got to have a bit more patience, grasshopper.

Internet shoppers are a sensitive sort.

They’re scurred.

Even though you and I both know you can sell with the best of’em if you could just get’em on the phone or get in front of’em…

I’ve got a secret for ya…

The more options you give them to communicate with you the way they’d prefer, the more likely you are to see an increase in your sales conversions.

I’m dead serious.

Listen, my company has a fully automated follow up system via text messages, emails and ringless voicemails.

You know what all of those things have in common?

They’re all non threatening ways clients prefer to communicate with my clients.

Incorporating these alternative ways to work with my LOs has increased their conversions more than just about anything else we could have done.

It’s also been a little secret sales booster I’ve used to impress my own clients and give them quick wins to demonstrate my ability to get them results (shh…if you tell them I told you the secret…I’ll just deny it)


Because the prospects prefer it.

And you…

As the world’s best sales person / loan officer that you are…

It’s probably hard for you to believe this, but…

You’re scary as shit!

In fact, the prospects are so afraid of you they want nothing to do with you because they know they’re buying process is not equipped to handle the onslaught and might that is your brute force mind hacking psychological sales process.

So, guess what they do when you try and coax them to engage with you on the phone (or in person, or any other more intimate way you’d most likely prefer)…

They ghost you.


They don’t show up.

They avoid you.

They know you can think quicker and talk faster than they can.

They know you’re a savage in sales.

That’s why they’re staying nice and far away as possible until they’re ready.


That’s also why they submitted their inquiry by email or maybe text.

You know what though…

I’ve got great news for you.

You can use that to your advantage the same way I did for myself and the same way I’ve taught all my loan officer clients that are just like you (the more savage ones couldn’t believe the difference once they started using these ideas).

You prefer to chat, I know.

You prefer to get on the phone with them, I get it.

But you know what?

That means nada to the scared prospect you’re trying to close.

They’re timid on the telephone.

They simply don’t want to dialogue with you on the phone…it’s too soon.

It’s too dangerous.

You’re too aggressive (even if you don’t think so).

In fact, I’ve talked with many phone call center mortgage offices and you know what…

Most of the time my lead response percentages are almost always double what their’s are when their process only involves pure phone call outreach.

The reason why is always the same…

They’re not engaging with the prospect the way the prospect prefers to deal with them.

The difference when they use the non scary follow up messages I recommend?

Almost without fail their numbers double.

They go from 20% to 40% just like that.

Leads don’t care how you prefer to engage.

They engage the way they prefer to engage.

The sooner you stop resisting this idea, the sooner you let go of your impatient need to control, the more you allow them to buy on their terms and communicate with you the way they want to engage you…

The bottom line is you’ll start closing more sales.

Here’s one more way to think of it.

Recent stats suggest more and more initial conversations are happening 70 to 80% of the time via text.


There’s less awkwardness and less threat.

From the prospect’s perspective it’s a safety barrier.

Like the bulletproof window at some banks, this barrier makes you less scary to them and so through that little window (text) they’re more willing to engage with you.

You can nurture them to the next step just fine as long as you can engage with them the way they prefer.

Like the old song suggests…

Try a little tenderness.

With that, thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the top.


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