Harry Potter Reminded Me of This Invaluable Lesson..

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

I can't believe the first Harry Potter was released 17 years ago! 

I put the first one on the other night as a movie to watch with my daughter, and since she enjoyed it and kids seem to have a singular focus on the most random things (never anything useful, right?), we've watched one of the installments every night since, with last night being the 4th movie, Goblet of Fire.

Now I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a fan, but I did read the books, and I do get sucked into the more action-packed movies (anything after the 2nd one). Last night though, I had a different lens on. The lens of a father, looking for meaningful life lessons... Does this mean I'm getting old?

One that stuck out to me, that was profound enough to want to write about this morning, took place before the first challenge of the tournament that takes place.

If you've never read the books or watched the movies, Harry takes part in a 3 challenge tournament meant to crown the strongest/smartest/best wizard out of the 3 different schools the wizards can attend. This is a huge simplification of course and the (not) fan in me really wants to tell you the whole story right now, but I won't do that...

Anyways, before the first challenge, Harry Potter is discussing the first challenge with a professor, which he knows to have something to do with getting past a dragon. The professor presses him for details on his plan, and Harry seems to have no plan, and no ideas on how to attack this challenge. 

Then the professor, Professor Moody, challenges him with one question: 

"Come on Potter, what are you good at?"

Harry then proceeds to tell him he's good at flying a broomstick (if you haven't watched the movies I'm sure you're starting to wonder about me right about now, but I promise, they're great), which then leads Harry to come up with a way to get his broomstick into the arena and he uses it to get past the dragon and complete the challenge.

This hit home for me for some reason last night. In any business, especially mortgage, it's easy to get wrapped up in trying to do everything that your business needs doing. We have resources put in front of us every day to help us specialize in what we do best, and yet most of us ignore them either out of a desire for control, or some self-sabotaging habit of not doing what we know will bring us closer to our goals.

We see books about virtual assistants, see colleagues leveraging their assistants in masterful ways, hear stories about the loan officer who writes 5 million a month and goes on a 3-week vacation to Costa Rica every year, and yet for some reason we think we can't achieve the same.

Today, block out some time to think about this. I'm serious! Not much time, maybe 30 minutes tops, but you need to be intentional about writing out some of your biggest strengths. Ideally, these would be things you are not only good at, but enjoy doing. Now write out a map of your business processes, and start to identify where these strengths play the strongest.

Obviously, there's much more to get to a place where you can outsource and work on only what you're good at, but until you do this, you're never going to have a clear picture of what it is that your role is in your own business. Right now most likely you have 100 different hats that you wear with a different role for each one that just sort of blend together, am I right? Well, take today to at the very least, identify what your role is.

Are you the CEO? Great, then you've gotta have people to manage. Are you the world's best salesman? Great, then go out and sell and let your operations staff take care of their jobs. Are you amazing at guidelines and solving guideline issues? Great, then go rescue some loans and use them to build relationships with agents. 

Just don't try and be a CEO, a Salesman, and an Underwriting or Operations Manager all at the same time. Find your strength, key in on it, and leverage the rest. 

What is your role currently in your business? What would it be if you were playing ONLY to your strengths?

Let me know, and I'll see you at the top!


P.S. If marketing isn't your strength, STOP trying to pretend it is. Don't waste your time learning all of the new marketing tips and tricks. Align yourself with someone who specializes in what you're trying to do, and go focus on what you're good at! What does this look like?

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